Do you keep spares in the car?

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I haven’t written a blog for ages so thought it was time I started again!

How many of you keep spares in the car?

Ever since working in J.B.Magic I always remember Mark Mason saying he keeps a spare deck of cards and sharpie in the glove box of the car. I have done this ever since and only ever needed it once...

About two years ago I arrived at a wedding venue in the lakes, it was in the middle of nowhere. As I was putting my jacket on and getting ready to load my pockets I realised I had forgotten my close up case!! After the initial panic I remembered about the spare deck and sharpie I kept in the glove box, then I remembered we had swapped the car a few days before and I hadn’t put everything back in the new car, including cards and sharpie!!

I was in the middle of nowhere with no props! What would you do?

I always arrive early for every gig so I jumped back in the car and drove to the nearest garage. They had no cards and nothing I could really use! I went back to the venue and asked on the off chance if they had any playing cards. Luckily the hotel manager said he had a brand new deck in his office that he had just bought for the games room cupboard. I borrowed the cards, (which where terrible quality) and a marker pen and was able to do the whole gig.

The couple wrote me a brilliant review on my Facebook page and had no idea I forgot all my stuff!

I now always have a tablet bag in the boot of the car with spare cards, invisible deck, sponge balls etc

Things I learnt:

1. Make sure you always keep a spare set of props in the car, just in case.
2. If you learn to perform card sleights and effects properly you can use ANY deck of cards. It makes no difference which brand or quality of cards you use.
3. As long as you are entertaining, then it really doesn’t matter what you do, even if you just perform card magic.

I always perform a lot of card magic so I was able to manage with just a deck of cards. If you perform with only gimmicked props, electronic items or gimmicked cards, how would you manage if you forgot all your props?

Thanks for reading.

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