Inferno by Joshua Jay Review

Posted by Darren Robinson on

This effect is perfect to perform when people talk about Derran Brown, mind reading or mind control etc. 

Over the last couple of weeks I have been performing inferno at my restaurant residency and it has become one of my favourite effects. So much so, that I now carry it with me everyday!

You receive everything you need to perform the effect including the matchbox and cards.The handling and routine is direct and easy to learn. Joshua Jay is a great teacher and goes over everything you need to know in detail, including a simple handling for revealing the burnt card at the end.

I'm a big fan of magic that fits in your pocket or wallet. I perform the effect and then reveal the burnt card in my wallet that I placed on the table at the beginning. The idea of using your wallet instead of the matchbox provided was shown to me by Chris Congreave. Using your wallet makes the handling much easier and yet it still gets great reactions. There is no way the spectators would think you have 52 burnt cards in your wallet! 

I highly recommend this effect. The matchbox fits in your pocket or you can just put the cards in your wallet and you are ready to perform this great piece of magic, anywhere, anytime!


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