NEW £1 20p Coin Unique From Warped Magic

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New £1/20p Vanishing 20p, Unique Coin From Warped Magic

Even more deceptive due to the 20p being a 7 sided coin!

This is a precision made set of coins whereby two genuine coins have been machined (a new £1 and a 20p) which enables the 20p to nest inside the new £1. 

They are openly displayed but then the 20p instantly disappears so you are just left with an examinable £1. 

It is a quality made item that will simply amaze your spectators. 

It is basically a self-working effect as you only need display the coins then slide the £1 over the 20p and the 20p nests inside the £1 shell and is held there magnetically. 

Tapered machined insert for a snug fit with no visible join. 

It comes complete with instructions for eight different magical effects including,

Bare Hand Vanish 
Swirl Away / Penetration 
Money Maker 
Coin Through Glass 
Plastic Box Vanish 
Plus many more!

Only limited by your imagination! 

A true classic of magic that you will carry always and will last for years and years. 


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