ParaPad By Paralabs

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A spectator writes a word, name, number or drawing on a notepad. They tear out the page and keep it hidden. You can instantly reveal their thought of word, name drawing, number or anything!

No sleight of hand, no funny moves and easy to use!

An elegant but inconspicuous pocket-sized writing pad.
Can be handled by the performer as well as by the spectator.
No restrictions where to write on the pad!
The peek takes place in seconds right in front of the audience.
The handling allows you to use the ParaPad fully surrounded and still get the peek!
Reset in seconds.
Refill the pad with replacement paper in seconds!

Included in the set:

The ParaPad, size 13 x 7.5cm (5.1/4 inch x 3 inch) - ready for use.
Spare paper in the form of a block to refill the ParaPad.
A Special pen
Instructions - in the usual way illustrated in full color - discusses and illustrates the handling in all aspects.

ParaPad isn’t the first impression pad on the market but it is without doubt the BEST available.


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