Maxwell's Signature Opener By The Other Brothers

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Hook your spectators from the very start with the most visual and surprising way to start a magic trick!
Turn a pencil into a Sharpie, instantly! 

From the creators of Bare, Hands Down and SNAPPED, Maxwell's Signature Opener adds a new and surprising way to begin a magic trick. From those just beginning their journey into magic to the most experienced magicians, Maxwell's Signature Opener is a great addition to routines for magicians of all ages and experience levels. With one quick motion, you will be able to turn a pencil into a Sharpie and immediately hand it out for use in any signed card/bill trick. 

- Multiple methods taught, from simple switches to complex changes 
- Handmade gimmick with ink refill included 
- Ready to perform out of the box 
- No pulls, no magnets, no strings, no clothing restrictions 
- Add it to the routines you already perform!


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