i-Micro Ultimate Levitation Device by Sorcery Mfg

i-Micro Kevlar Thread Reel Ultimate Levitation Device by Sorcery Mfg.

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This invisible thread reel is extremely compact and is perfect for a multitude of invisible thread illusions. The reel uses Kevlar thread and is perfect for levitating a variety of objects to the amazement of your spectators!

You can do the Amazing Floating Ring Routine!

You can do the Amazing Haunted Pack Card Routine!

You can Float a Dollar bill and walk away, showing your hands completely empty!

Do yourself a favor and find out why this is the best value of any levitation product you can buy anywhere! Sorcery is the Company that invented this product and they have close to 20 years of experience building these!

Note: This ITR measures 5 inches in length.

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