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  • The Phoenix Deck - Red

    The Phoenix Deck – Red


    Printed at US Playing Cards on Bicycle cardstock, punched face up for easy shuffles, faros, better handling. The Phoenix Deck uses the standard faces of Bicycle playing cards but takes them a step further for professional magicians. With large format aces a better visibility is guaranteed even on greater distances, but for all who want to…

  • Phoenix Double-Decker Poker

    Phoenix Poker Double-Decker


    For the first time ever you can get a deck containing 108 cards that matches perfectly a professionally produced card deck. This allows new effects never possible before. Because a spectator will never expect that underneath the first 52 cards (54 with Jokers) is waiting another complete deck of playing cards! Due to the fact…

  • Phoenix Parlour Invisible Deck

    Phoenix Parlour Invisible Deck


    You remove an “Invisible Deck” of cards from your pocket. Have a spectator shuffle the deck, then cut it. Now, have him “remove” one card from the deck and “show” it to everyone….keep in mind the deck isn’t really there! Tell the spectator to turn his card face down and replace it in the pack….

  • Phoenix Marked Deck

    Phoenix Marked Deck


    Can the World’s Best Marked Deck be improved? YES! When we designed the Phoenix Deck, the Marked Deck was designed first, without ANY compromise in design and location of the markings. (The only difference to a standard Phoenix Deck: we remove the markings, leading into a “reverse engineering”.) Believe it or not: we DOUBLED the…

  • Phoenix Gaffed Deck

    Phoenix Gaffed Deck


    Gaffs for the Serious Pro If you think that Bicycle is the magician’s deck, think twice, because it is official now: The Phoenix Deck is the only FISM recognized playing card deck worldwide. We are celebrating the partnership with FISM with the release of the Phoenix Gaffed Deck. It is a deck that does not…

  • Phoenix Double Backed Decks

    Phoenix Double Backed Decks


    The Phoenix double backed Deck contains what it says: a complete deck of Phoenix playing cards with backs on both sides. Comes in regular Phoenix card case

  • Phoenix Blank Face Deck

    Phoenix Blank Face Deck


    The Phoenix Blank Face Deck contains what it says: a complete deck of Phoenix playing cards with blank faces. As with all our Phoenix Decks in Master Edition, these cards are produced in Casino Quality. Comes in regular card case