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  • show-reel-michael-murrayshowreel-v2

    Show Reel by Michael Murray


    A COMPLETE SELL OUT AT THE BLACKPOOL 2023 CONVENTION (250 COPIES SOLD AT THE EVENT)! Reveal the name of a thought of celebrity in the most direct way imaginable! Michael Murray is world renowned for his creativity within the field of mentalism, and his latest release, ‘Show Reel’, is an absolute testament to his creative…

  • hide-a-key-chris-rawlinshide-akey-magic-trick

    Hide-A-Key By Chris Rawlins


    Hide-A-Key is the ultimate tool, a fresh perspective on something we all know. This is possibly the perfect everyday carry for the modern magician. Expertly manufactured, taught in detail and beautifully packaged. This system will allow you to make a key vanish and appear in your hands and your spectator’s hands. The precision-made gimmick will do all the…

  • maverick-edc-pouchmaverick-by-the-1914

    Maverick by Dee Christopher and The 1914


      Maverick is an everyday carry (EDC) pouch for the modern magician and mentalist. Crafted inside and out from rugged and stylish X-Pac® VX21, Maverick has an expanding and compressing, heavy-duty zip and perfectly-sized pockets to carry close-up magic props in your back pocket or everyday rucksack. X-Pac® VX21 is the same hard-wearing fabric used to create the…

  • Orphic WalletOrphic Wallet in Leather by Lewis Lé Val

    Orphic Plus Playing Card Size in Leather by Lewis Lé Val and The 1914


    ORPHIC [awr-fik]AdjectiveMysterious and entrancing beyond ordinary understandingOrphic is the ULTIMATE inconspicuous every-day carry wallet for the modern mentalist and magician.Peek, switch and load like a boss!Designed by Lewis Le’Val and crafted in real leather, Orphic takes classic hidden wallet functions and reengineers them in ways NEVER seen before in a magicians’ wallet.What’s more, there are NO moving parts…