Dice It From Warped Magic

Dice It From Warped Magic

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Dice Cube Is A Hot New Trick That Allows You To Predict The Furture With The Simple Roll Of The Dice ! 

Easy to do anyone can do it within a few minutes. 
No Forces 
No Sleights 

Performance example: You get 6 people up to play a simple game and they each take a chair. Another person rolls the dice and shouts out the number and eliminate each player one by one until we have a winner ! But wait you had a prediction all along and upon the winner turning over each chair, 5 will say "You were eliminated by the roll of the dice" and the winners chair has your prediction that they would be the winner... 

Pack Includes: 
1 x Gimmicked Dice 
1 x Normal Dice 
6 x Sample Prediction Cards 
Printed instructions

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