Exchange Rate Inc DVD By Cameron Francis

Exchange Rate Inc DVD By Cameron Francis

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Cameron Francis Exchange Rate gimmick allows you to make an eye popping change between a coin and a folded bill. 

You borrow a coin from your spectator. He signs one side, you sign the other. You then offer to blow their mind. And if you can't, you say, you will give them the bill in your pocket (can be any currency)! 

Holding their signed coin at your very fingertips (sleeves rolled up), you give one tiny shake and you are now holding the bill! No cover, and almost NO sleight of hand. 

You then reach into your pocket (or have the spectator do it if you're feeling brave), and retrieve the signed coin. 


Exchange Rate is EASY,  SUPER VISUAL. And it's FUN TO PERFORM! 

And that's not all. On this DVD you'll also learn: 

Driven a 100% impromptu pen thru bill. Borrow the pen. Borrow the bill. Anytime, anywhere incredible magic. 

Unlinked a the bill switch on acid. You offer to give your spectator a dollar as a thank you for their kind reactions to your magic. But you notice the bill has some nasty marks on it, they'll LOVE what happens next! 

Tear It Up 2 - A two phase, torn and restored card guaranteed to leave your spectators speechless. 

Cheque This a borrowed bill turns into an IOU cheque. Then a selected card is shown to have been predicted on the cheque. And then, to cap it all, the bill reappears inside a card case that has been on display the entire time! 

Implicit Progression An easy, impromptu progressive assembly! 

A Strange Revisit the jacks are doing something strange with a spectators selection. Something VERY strange. 

Cagey (taken from the bestselling Omega Mutation DVD Set) - A stunning transposition with an ending that will slay your spectators. 

Plus learn the $100 Bill Switch!

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