InCAANtation By Joel Dickinson Video Download

InCAANtation By Joel Dickinson Video Download

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he magician introduces a deck of cards and a face down prediction card, the card is set aside out of reach. The regular pack of cards is now shuffled and examined by a participant, then a participant names any number between one and fifty two, the participant then deals cards down to that very number arriving at a single card. The participant can then be asked if he would like to carry in dealing or if they are happy with their decision. The spectators card is revealed and matches the magicians prediction card which has been in full view the entire time. Everything can be examined.

Finally a simple solution to the Card at Any Number plot which is practical in a performing environment. No special decks, no gimmicks and nothing to go wrong.

The method is flexible totally self contained and several variation routines are included. No specials decks, no memory work and no stack systems. This really is a Card at Any Number which you can perform with your regular deck of cards in hand.

Everything is thoroughly explained and no stone is left unturned.

This is available as a video download and a streaming page.


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