Move Across By Joel Dickinson DOWNLOAD

Move Across By Joel Dickinson DOWNLOAD

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A cross is drawn on the top corner of a signed playing card. The magician places the signed card between the cellophane and the cross visually travels from one corner of the card to another. The card is then cleanly removed and handed out for examination.

This effect is low tech meaning Move Across is the most practical animated ink effect available. Will you perform this, without a doubt.

Worried about arts and crafts? Don't be, this will take only a minute to make and your good to go.

This is practical, looks magical, packs a punch and you are left super clean. You don't only have to animate crosses, many shapes and drawings are possible.

"That is amazing, I have no idea how you are doing it."
Myke Philips, Magician and creator.
"Brilliant! Finally a moving ink effect with no messing around. I can even use my own deck."
Darren Robinson, Magician.
"Visually floorless"
Daniel Meadows, Magician and creator


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