Pockets Full of Miracles DVD By Diamond Jim Tyler

Pockets Full of Miracles DVD By Diamond Jim Tyler

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THE DVD- POCKETS FULL OF MIRACLES: To date over 2000 copies have sold! This is the Anniversary Edition with a slightly altered cover and a new slim shell case. 

Many of these routines have been showcased at the Improv Comedy Club, the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA., The Magic Circle in London, and featured in my lecture tour across half of the states in the U.S. plus fifteen other countries. This is the real work that I used in restaurants for 20 years and has ultimately paid my bills since 1986. 

The video is unique in that you get two performances for almost every routine; One in a restaurant environment and the second in a showroom setting 

The new interactive DVD of Diamond Jim Tyler's Pocket Full of Miracles, contains the original volumes 1 & 2, cramming 23 mind-blowing effects onto one disc. 

Baseball Diamond: An autographed baseball is produced from a cardbox which reveals the spectator's chosen baseball card. 

Nimble Corks: A fun little bar-betcha with two beaker corks. 

Three Burnt Matches: The magician cons a spectator out of money with 3 burnt matches. 

The FBI Trick: A comedy escape routine with a surprise vanish of the thumbcuffs. 

Soaring Straw: A drinking straw jumps and flies from the magicians' hands. 

Invisible Thumbscrews: An old hypnotist trick that puts a spectator under your spell. 

Animated Cardbox: A cardbox comes to life, spins around and then stands up. The flap opens by itself to receive the pack. Everything is examinable! 

One-Armed Aces: The magician cuts the pack with one hand each time revealing an Ace. 

Burning Impression: The image of a selected card appears burnt into your business card. 

Trapdoor Coins: Three coins penetrate a tabletop one a a time. 

Diamond's Dazzler: A chosen card is made to fly face-up from the centre of the deck. 

Whatever It Takes: A thought-of number, letter and card are revealed in a comical and mystical manner. 

Cat & Mouse: A signed card is caught and revealed with the aid of a mousetrap. 

The Gunslinger: A signed card is stood up and shot with an imaginary gun magically causing the selection to topple over and form a bullet-hole through the heart of the card. 

Comedy Shuffling Routine: A fun and hilarious overview on the art of shuffling cards. 

Birthday Bill: A hole-puncher is waved over a dollar bill causing holes to magically appear. The holes spell out HAPPY B-DAY! 

Ring & String: A 5-phased routine where a borrowed ring penetrates a string, vanishes from sight and reappears at will for the magician. 

Pieces of Eight: DJ's pet routine where coins are made to vanish, reappear, penetrate a glass and fly. Not to mention the 3 surprise finales! 

Fireball: A piece of paper is torn, burned and restored anew in a blaze of glory! 

Paperweight: The magician correctly guesses the number of cards from a cut-off stack time and again. 

Frog Hair: A card is made to flip over with some help from a piece of frog hair! 

New Age Spellbound: A glass stone changes colours repeatedly at the magician's fingertips. 

Mathemagic: A packet of cards grows in number while in the spectator's hands. 

In addition to the studio explanations, most routines include 2 performances; One in a restaurant environment and the second at the Magic Castle in Hollywood C.A. 

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