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The Revelation, Astonishing mentalism. 

What you are about to read is a full description of The Revelation, with you, the performer in mind. 

For many years I have been looking for the best birth month or zodiac reveal available and I believe I have found it. This is the most invisible method to obtain the birth month of a participant to date. 

The Revelation is different from anything else I have created and anything else I have ever seen in the past.  

Zero mathematics 
Invisible procedure 
Ideal for mentalists, psychics, fortune tellers and magicians alike 
VERY easy to perform 
You will know your participants birth month with one hundred percent accuracy, and yet you have only just met. 

What I am about to describe is exactly how The Revelation appears to your participant. You begin by telling your participant you are going to give them a lucky number for their future. You hand your participant cards displaying birth months, each month depicts a different lucky number. Once your participant has found their lucky number, they are told to keep this in mind (this number is never revealed by them in any way) and yet you now know the month they were born with 100% accuracy. It is as simple and as clean as that. 

Your participant can even shuffle the cards both before and after the effect if you prefer.  

Now pay close attention to the following : 

- No marked cards 
- No stack 
- No dual reality 
- Nothing peeked 
- No binary code magic principles 
- No impressions 
- Nothing is ever written down 
- The participants month is never mentioned until the revelation 
- The participants number is never mentioned 
- No electronic devices or mobile phones 
- Can be repeated as often as you like 
- Instantly resets 
- No pre-show work required 

This is a self-contained method, meaning you will still have all the traditional mentalism and magic techniques in your arsenal during your performance. 

Make this in minutes using your own business cards, any other business card or tailor it for your own needs. 

Questions you may be asking yourself? 

Will I perform The Revelation? 
Without a doubt. The Revelation can be performed as a standalone routine or as a method to obtain a participants birth month to reveal at a later stage during your performance. 

Is The Revelation practical? 
Yes. I created The Revelation to perform at an event for paying clients. Once you have made up your set, it will last a very long time. Making this takes just minutes and the method is so simple, I taught the method to my partner in just minutes and she found is to be very simple to perform. 

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