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  • EDCeipt by Craig Pettyedceipt-trick-craig-petty

    EDCeipt by Craig Petty – UK VERSION


     “Craig has been making waves in the community recently for very good reasons. He is creating masterpiece after masterpiece. EDCeipt is no different; it’s incredible!” – Peter Turner 30 ITEMS 5 RECEIPTS. YOU ALWAYS KNOW. EDCeipt is the DEFINITION of packs small plays BIG. EDCeipt is a definitive masterwork exploration of the Calculator Card Principal. This is EXACTLY…

  • keymaster-chromekeymaster-chrome-craig-petty

    Keymaster Chrome by Craig Petty


    A WOW Eye-Popper, with magic happening in the spectator’s own hand – super powerful! As used by DYNAMO on his hit TV show, Magician Impossible. KEYMASTER is an incredibly organic close-up routine with multiple moments of magic happening right in the spectator’s own hands. It takes the moving hole plot to new heights as the…

  • keymaster-brasskeymaster-craig-petty-set

    Keymaster Brass by Craig Petty


    Imagine being able to carry a fifteen-minute set of hyper-visual magic on your key chain. The original stunned audiences and lived in the pockets of magicians around the world. Now it’s back with new routines, a new gimmick, and now it’s fully customizable. This is Craig Petty’s Keymaster. Here’s what happens: The magician removes their…